WoW Gold Guide – Classic WoW Powerleveling

If you are a World of Warcraft player, you will find WoW just like the real world, and you need to own a lot of WoW gold to buy the items or equipments and so on in the game. You need to pay WoW gold from the water you drink to the new skills you choose to learn. When it comes to World of Warcraft, the steps to making WoW gold are quite simple now. We are going to give you some basic steps in the following guide on how you can easily make WoW gold in World of Warcraft.Feel free to find more information at Classic WoW Powerleveling.

First, we recommend you to learn a gathering profession. In the game, we think some of the best gathering professions are herbalism and mining. These two professions will give you access to many different items you can sell, which is one of the quickest ways to make WoW gold in World of Warcraft. Secondly, do not forget about those farm instance. All of the instances have good loot and you will mainly be killing humanoids that drop not only cloth, but cheap WoW Gold for you as well. On the farm, you will be able to pick greens and sell them and you can count on finding a blue item every now and then. These blue items can be sold in the auction house on WoW. Thirdly, remember to watch the auction house.

You should also know how much an item sells for at the auction house. There are AddOns that will help you determine the price of an item on WoW. If you see an item that is going for low in the auction house and you know it is expensive, then you could purchase it, then repost it. Fourthly, find areas that have fast respawn rates and kill them for a couple of hours. This works best in areas where the mobs stay all together. You might even find something such as essence of air, which sells really well.